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The CChC kicked off Construction Week 2023 at Metropolitan Santiago with the participation of President Gabriel Boric

With a call to move forward from “collaboration to action”, the 20th version of the Construction Week was inaugurated on Tuesday, May 16, with the participation of President Gabriel Boric Font, a space oriented to reveal proposals for solutions to the issues facing both the construction sector and the country. The leader of the guild, Juan Armando Vicuña, delivered a message highlighting the 20 years of this meeting, which have addressed issues such as the growing challenges in urban planning, access to housing, decentralization and progress towards more equitable and inclusive cities, as well as the country’s deficits in infrastructure for public use. “Last year we invited the different social actors to engage in “radical collaboration”, to advance in the search for new answers to people’s needs and expectations. But in this Construction Week 2023 we want to go further by calling to move “from collaboration to action”. And, with a sense of urgency, to implement the measures that the country’s inhabitants expect in order to have greater opportunities and a better quality of life”, emphasized the president of the CChC. During the meeting, the Women Build 2023 Award was presented, which responds to the guild’s commitment to promote greater integration of women in construction, recognizing workers in construction sites and companies in the sector that are making a significant change. Among the winners, the following stand out: Solange Pairoa, Woman on Construction Site North Macrozone. Marianelly Villarroel, Woman on Construction Site in the Central Macrozone. Roxana Montes, Woman in Work in the South Macrozone. ECOMAC as an Outstanding Company Finally, the Urban Quality of Life Index (ICVU) was presented, a study developed by the Catholic University together with the CChC’s studies and public policy management, which compares the evolution of the quality of urban life in the various cities and districts of the country. Wednesday, May 17 Juan Carlos Echeverry: Trust is the key to economic development. On its second day, Construction Week will feature a presentation by Colombia’s former Minister of Finance, Juan Carlos Echeverry. Echeverry, who was Colombia’s presidential pre-candidate in 2022 and traveled throughout the country, was able to collect testimonies on security and the relationship of this reality with the development of economic activities. Part of this journey was captured in the book “Un año de Soledad”, which has served as a reference for representatives of the political class. Echeverry will present his views on the need to generate bonds of trust to promote the development of the economy and countries.

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GL events Chile wins the Corporate Sustainability Trophy 2022

The leading company in corporate events, exhibitions and international congresses, GL events Chile, which has a strong commitment to environmental care and community development, received this year, in the 22nd special edition of Corporate Responsibility of the French Week in Chile, the Business Trophy for Sustainability 2022, awarded by the French-Chilean Chamber of Commerce.

GL events worldwide has Apave Safe &Clean Certification for all its businesses

Venues of the GL events Group in Chile, as of July 2021, have the Safe & Clean certification granted by APAVE, an international organization specialized in corporate risk management with more than 150 years of experience.

Singer Paloma San Basilio will arrive at Metropolitan Santiago this Friday, March 17

The Spanish music star, Paloma San Basilio, returns to Santiago de Chile to delight Chileans with her new tour: “Te lo digo con Música”. She will perform in Santiago on Friday, March 17 at the Metropolitan Santiago convention center, showcasing the greatest hits that have accompanied her throughout most of her career.