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Metropolitan Santiago presents its Executive Chef

The Executive Chef, Victor Muñoz Latapiat, has excelled in the national gastronomic world, being part of the company Central de Restaurantes (ARAMARK) for five years, performing functions in contracts such as Brannigans, Banco Central, Banco Estado, and the Chilean Chamber of Construction, presenting various culinary options to prominent public and private authorities. Muñoz has been educated in France and Spain, specializing in cocktails and personnel management, and has been trained studying in Mexico and Peru, mastering various gastronomic preparations that stand out internationally. In Chile, at Guillermo Rodríguez’s Espacio Gastronómico, Muñoz worked as coordinator and organizer of production cuisine for 13 years, where he designed and executed high-profile events, with large gatherings of very diverse audiences, which required logistics, gastronomic proposals and quality service. Later, he led the Brannigan restaurant in Santiago as chef. During this same period, he was selected to create the gastronomic menu of the renowned casino and hotel Monticello for two years. Given his experience and trajectory, he was chosen to host the gastronomic reception for the King and Queen of Spain at Cerro Castillo, located in Viña del Mar, in March 2022. Muñoz, at the Metropolitan Santiago convention center, has consolidated in a few months an unmissable gastronomic menu, designed to delight people in different social and corporate events. At Metropolitan Santiago, the chef expresses through his dishes the importance of the haute cuisine of the funds and first inculcated fusions, seeking to deliver a unique experience, being part of the select group of Les Toques Blanches.

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Expo Hospital 2022, the largest meeting and offer of the healthcare industry, ends on a positive note

The fair was well attended by the healthcare world and generated great opportunities for new business.

Expo Andes: International congress to analyze the development and new challenges of the mountain industry

The international fair and congress Expo Andes, to be held between October 12 and 14 in Metropolitan Santiago, will bring together professionals, companies and institutions of tourism and mountain safety in South America, to analyze the progress, conflicts and development of the industry.

In Metropolitan Santiago

Authorities and international experts kick off the only international mountain meeting in South America: Expo Andes 2022

For three days, the meeting presents the main solutions to the problems present in the world of snow and mountains.