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Vitacura Recycling Market

First Sunday of the month Metropolitan Santiago

The Vitacura Recycling Market is a meeting point on the first Sunday of every month between the community and entrepreneurs and foundations that benefit from recycling. In each market you can bring waste that is difficult to recycle, and that is not received in conventional clean points. In the market you can: collaborate by recycling your waste, and buy innovative products made with recycled material. Since March 2023 in Vitacura, there is a space that goes far beyond recycling, because you can: -Reduce by buying bulk products or low water consumption plants in our Green Zone. Reuse by buying second-hand products or handing over waste so that entrepreneurs can give it a second life. -Repairing clothes, shoes or appliances. -Recycle, as you have done so far. -Learn, in workshops and meet exhibitors from our HUB Vitacura, who have made sustainable innovation the key to their ventures.