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02 September 2023 Metropolitan Santiago

The French singer ANNE CARRERE, acclaimed worldwide, brings the show "PIAF BY ANNE CARRERE", a show that pays tribute in a journey through the musical hits of one of the most important singers in history, Edith Piaf. The show features an audiovisual proposal where different images, photographs and phrases that marked the singer's life and career will be projected to the rhythm of songs that made people vibrate in the era of La vie en Rose. The legacy of Edith Piaf comes to Chile thanks to the extraordinary voice of Anne Carrere, who is currently on a world tour, which so far has been a success in Europe and North America. ANNE CARRERE is an integral artist who invents and reinvents her art in a unique way. Passionate about the popular music of her country, Carrere says: "The first time I heard an Edith song, I was only three years old. My grandmother made me listen to it on a cassette. The song was the hymn to love and I remember that moment with great affection. She was the one who introduced me to all the greats of French song like Charles Aznavour, or Jacques Brel". Some time ago, Anne Carrere personally met Germaine Ricord, who was Edith Piaf's personal friend and confidant. Ricord was impressed by a certain physical resemblance to Piaf and Carrere's striking voice. "I never imagined I could be on stage performing Edith's songs. It's a big responsibility, it's very difficult because of what she represents," says Anne, "But life constantly surprises you and I enjoy it. Comparisons don't scare me, I don't imitate Edith, I would never try anything like that. She is inimitable. I do my version of her songs," he says. "PIAF BY ANNE CARRERE", is a first class show, with the masterful interpretation of Anne Carrere, a celebration of the icon of French song of all times. Buy tickets